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Morpeth Public School Parents & Citizens Association was established circa 1914. In the formative years, a major focus of fundraising was to provide funds to pave the playground and assembly areas with tar!

In 1933 the P&C made application to the then Council of Education for installation of electric lights.  This was completed in November 1934. Further details of work done in those early days can be found in records held by the P&C, including the minutes of meetings.

Life Membership

These citizens were given life membership for their tireless efforts in organising fundraising events. The resultant funds have provided much needed additional equipment and allowed for school improvements, all of which have been of great benefit to the children of Morpeth Public School.

Beryl Humble - 1962
John Binder - 1972
Norma Page - 1982
Rosemary Brown - 1999
Mandy Jones - 2004
Rosalie Hodges - 2004
Debra Morris  - 2005
Terri Jamieson - 2006
Joanne Stead - 2008
Jennifer Hickey - 2008
Marianne Passmore - 2009
Kim Crowe - 2010
Julie Wright - 2010
Liz Roffey - 2013
Tracy Forbes - 2014
Sallyann Rumbel - 2016
Louise Vercoe - 2016

The P & C meet on the first Monday of the month at 6pm. Meetings are held on site at the school and virtually on Zoom (a link is provided to families on the day of the meeting)

All parents are welcome to attend and have input into what happens at the school. Parents are asked to pay a $1 membership fee in accordance with the rules outlined by the NSW P&C Association. Membership allows parents to vote on items raised at all meetings for the year and membership is effective from the following meeting.


President - Sharyn McLean

Vice President - Caitlin Burke

Vice President - Jeremy Wright

Secretary - Amy Thomson

Treasurer - Ryan Flanagan

Publicity / Social Media officer - Caitlin Burke